Body Acceptance Guru Comes Clean!

"Once I found an easy way to burn off 38 pounds fast... I took it!"

Become More Confident, Sexy, and Happy In Just 2 Weeks!

wife lost 38 pounds easy

"Grab all that fat around your waist...

"Now squeeze."  


My doctor looked me dead in the eyes and told me I had a one-way ticket to the grave.

For most of my life, I've been chubby.

Okay, more like obese.

But I was lucky.

My breasts were big, and most people told me I actually looked good at my weight.

So I became a body acceptance guru.

All of Instagram, I was telling women how to accept the bodies God gave them...

And I truly believe we should ALL love ourselves!

But the truth is, being overweight can also KILL you... and that's no way to love yourself!

My doctor was pleading with me in his cold, sterile office...

"Please, don't take this the wrong way. You really do look amazing. And I know it's your career... but you're cutting your life short."

Just like all body acceptance gurus... I was making money telling women to just accept their obesity.

But it's all a lie.

Yes, you SHOULD love yourself... 

But once I discovered an incredibly easy way to burn off belly fat and get the thin, fit body I always secretly wanted...


And in just a few weeks, I lost my first 10 pounds...

Then... I kept losing fat!

Eventually, I lost 38 pounds... and I couldn't believe how easy (and delicious) it was!

  • No backbreaking workouts… 
  • No starvation dieting… 
  • No eating bland, tasteless meals 3 times a day. 

I had more energy.

More confidence.

More happiness.

And according to my doctor... a 49% lower chance of dying from a heart attack.

And it’s all thanks to ONE simple, delicious food I discovered that’s so filling, so tasty, and so easy to make that even a kid could do it.  

And all you need is a few ingredients you can find right in the grocery store and one simple household appliance.

This is the "Microwave Miracle" that gave me a brand new body in just WEEKS.

The surprisingly mouth-watering concoction that helps naturally speed up metabolism, burn off dangerous body fat, and restore youthful energy.  

And it’s so damn delicious, you won’t even know it’s good for you.

Seriously, men, women, moms, dads, and straight-up CARNIVORES love this stuff...

But it's 100% plant-based, vegan, and KETO friendly!  


I Lost a Lot of Money By Giving Up My "Body Acceptance" Career... But It Saved My Life, and It Can Save Your Life, too!

The secret is something I discovered from a guy named Mark T Peterson.

He created a "Vegan Bone Broth Alternative" that gave you all the weight loss benefits of normal bone broth...

While improving your metabolism, heart, and overall health naturally.

Plus, unlike bone broth, which can cost you $10 - $20 a pop...

This miraculous weight loss broth is just 50 cents per cup! 


Vegan. Plant-Based. Low-Carb. Keto.

Most Importantly...

It Tastes like a Cheesy Chicken Bone Broth that Burns 5 to 10 Pounds of Fat in Less Than 21 Days!  

Once my doctor told me I might die, I got serious about losing weight.

Now, I may not have a $250,000 degree from some fancy ivy league school, but I know the difference between the truth and bullcrap.

And after a week or so of spending every free second digging I found what I was looking for… 

Foods that were proven to help burn body fat and speed up your metabolism. They may be closely guarded by the fitness industry gurus, but believe me, they’re out there.  

But here's the problem... 

Most of these foods were flavorless or downright disgusting... and I hated them!

But a few of them were things I LOVED:

  • Garlic. 
  • Ginger.
  • PLUS... an amazing new flavor we never had before.
  • And a "cheesy" tasting ingredient that gives you more energy and boosts your metabolism.

That's when I discovered Mark's incredible bone broth alternative that almost magiclly turns belly fat into "a thing of the past."

  This Weight-Loss System Is So Easy and Delicious, You’ll Actually Enjoy It.  

I started making this "Microwave Miracle" a few times a week... 

It was delicious, easy to make, and best of all...

I started burning belly fat without even trying!

Suddenly, I started feeling a lot better about myself.

I stopped wearing sweats all day long and went out in dresses and cute outfits. 

I spent the night on the town with friends I hadn’t seen in months

And date night was, well, a LOT more exciting for the both of us.  

It was like the fire inside me was finally back! 

And that gave me the motivation she needed to start exercising again. 


A Big New York Publisher Offered Me Over $10,000 to sell this recipe to them... 

But I want to help as many people as I can, so I'm selling the recipe directly to you right on this website!  

And listen, I don’t want anyone to go through the pain of losing someone they love. And I know this recipe works – I’ve seen it for myself.

So I want you to try this broth before it's too late. 

I truly believe it can change your life... or even save your life.

So please, if you're curious about trying this broth, do it today! 

Because honestly, I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to keep this site up!


Speed Up Your Metabolism with Delicious, Scientifically Proven Ingredients.  

Here's what's inside this "Microwave Miracle" that works so well:

  • Ingredient #1: Cheese Flavor. This is where you get all your energy! This ingedient gives you Vitamin B12 and other nutrients to support your metabolism and improve your energy levels. It tastes like cheese, but it's actually vegan/vegetarian!
  • Ingredient #2: Meaty Flavor. This is also vegan/vegetarian, but it tastes just like chicken soup. It's also filled with the building blocks of protein.
  • Ingredient #3: Garlic. If you love Italian food, you already know how amazing and healthy garlic is. But in this broth, it's a completely new level of flavor!
  • Ingredient #4: Fat-Transforming spice. This ingredient actually transforms your body fat into a new type of fat that burns off more easily!
  • Ingredient #5: Ginger. Ginger is great because it burns fat, improves blood sugar, and it tastes incredible in this broth!


Make This Broth in the Microwave in Just 2 Minutes. 

It Costs less than 50 Cents per Serving! 

It's Vegan and Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, and KETO… But It Tastes Like a Cheesy Chicken Soup!  

I've Put EVERYTHING You Need to Lose Weight Using My Incredible-Tasting Recipe in One Super Easy-to-Use eBook.

This broth is probably the healthiest thing you'll ever have... but it tastes meaty, cheesy, and incredible!

I couldn't believe it myself, but somehow, these plant-based ingredients combine to create a perfect, mouth-watering, fat-blasting soup.

And even though it tastes amazing on its own, it gets even better... 

When you get your PDF of my eBook today, you'll also get 10 Unique Recipes so You Can Enjoy this Broth Every Day and Never Get Bored while Burning Fat.

Yes, this broth is PERFECT on its own... 

But with my 10 fat-burning recipes, you'll be able to enjoy this soup with a ton of unique flavors. We’re talking cheeseburger soup, taco soup, a light summer soup, and so much more!

And the flavor isn't even the best part!

This Broth Costs Less than 50 Cents, and It Can Help You Burn up to 2 Pounds of Fat in Less than 7 Days.  

I am willing to swear by these results, and I know you'll be amazed.

When you order my book today, you'll get my fat-blasting broth that costs about 27 cents... That's right, just over quarter...

Plus the 10 unique recipes to keep life interesting.

And most importantly... 

Feel Better, Get More Energy, and Get the Confidence and Happiness You Deserve.

I'm not obsessed with how I look. I just want to be healthy, feel good, and be able to chase my kids around. 

And I'm so grateful that I stumbled across this recipe!

Because it has completely changed my life for the better, and I want you to experience the same transformation.

It Takes Just 2 Minutes to Make This Broth, Costs Less than 50 Cents, & It Tastes Amazing!  

✅ Block Hunger. ✅ Speed Up Your Metabolism. ✅ Look and Feel Better.  

I Gave This "Vegan Bone Broth" to Everyone I Know:  

Meat-Eaters, Vegetarians, Yoga Moms, Veterans, and Even A Guy Who Eats Cheeseburgers Twice a Day… and They All Loved It!  

This isn't some boring diet - where you eat the same bland meals every day...

Starving from sun up to sun down...

And never getting the rich, satisfying flavors you crave.

Once you taste it, you won't believe that it's actually helping you burn fat!

You might even feel a little guilty...

Because it tastes so amazing!

But trust me, even though it has an incredible meaty, cheesy flavor... 

If you follow my instructions, you WILL lose body fat, guaranteed.

But for today, I'm also going to include SO MUCH MORE with your recipe.  

Here's What You're Getting When You Download My Book Today:  

  • My delicious, cheesy, meaty-tasting broth recipe that is 100% guaranteed to burn belly fat.
  • 10 amazing, super-easy recipes for soups like Cheeseburger Soup, Taco Soup, and even a Light Summer Soup to keep you cool and refreshed while you shed fat.
  • A miraculous 3-Day Cycle that turns a simple broth recipe into a fat-destroying system that you'll love.
  • REVEALED: The real reason why coffee might be ruining your body... and how you can still drink coffee if you just do it the right way.
  • Why stressing out about losing weight is actually making you gain more fat! (Don't worry, I'll give you the super fast solution right away.)
  • Easy psychological tricks to help you get better sleep, improve you body, wake up with more energy, and burn more fat.
  • Why one small change in your daily life can add up to over 50 pounds of weight loss each year... and how you can get started today.
  • My quick-trick for being happier that will actually help you lose weight and stay focused throughout the day.
  • Finally... learn how to make this fat-blasting broth for just 27 cents per cup... and change your life forever. (You'll save up to $100 a month on groceries!)  

Don’t Starve Yourself.  

Don’t Kill Yourself on a Treadmill.  

Lose Fat, Feel Great, and Transform Your Body with My Fat-Blasting Broth When You Download My Book Today.

Are you ready to change your body with an easy, delicious soup?

Are you ready to see how much better you can feel with more energy and less fat?

Then let's do this!

I've Done All the Research... 

And I Guarantee You Will Love This Broth and Its Proven Fat-Buring Power, Or Your Money Back.  

It's that simple.

Try my soup recipe today.

See how easy it is to burn fat, and FINALLY get the body you've always wanted.

If you don't love your body transformation for ANY reason, simply ask for a full refund within 60 days. 

But if you're like the countless other people this has helped, then trust me - you won't be needing it!

This is your chance to have the best-tasting soup you've ever tried, and it will actually help you lose weight!

So why wouldn't you at least try it, risk-free, and see if you love your body transformation?

You deserve it!


Get the Recipe for My Fat-Blasting, Savory, "Cheesy Chicken" Broth, Plus…  

I’ll Also Share with You My Free Guide: 

5 Easy Ways to Destroy Hunger Fast!  

In this bonus guide, you'll get 5 amazing strategies for killing hunger quickly.

And these tricks are actually fun and delicious! 

I'm talking about incredible flavors, like licorice and mint, avocado, and chocolate.

Best of all, this bonus guide is included in my book, so you don't have to download a million different things to get the fat-burning solutions you want.

Pretty great, huh?

It's 1 easy download with all the tools and information you need to transform your body fast.

  Make the Delicious, Fat-Blasting Broth You Want for Just 27 Cents per Serving! 

You'll Actually Burn Fat and SAVE MONEY!  

If you bought this broth in the store, it would cost you abut $2 - $5... and you can't find it anywhere else!

I have the ONLY recipe in the world, and you can get it right now.

Start burning fat with this delicious broth for just 27 cents per serving, and you'll actually start saving money compared to most of the food you eat now!

A typical bone broth costs about $5 - $10 or more, meaning you'll probably save about $50 - $100 in the first month!

And don't even get me started on how much more affordable it is than those specially packaged health meals! This can literally save you thousands from those scams!


Get Everything You Need to Transform Your Body:

#1: The Fat-Blasting Broth Recipe that Tastes Like Cheesy Chicken Broth, Plus the Complete eBook with the 3-Day Fat-Burning Cycle (valued at $68+).  

#2: 5 Easy Ways to Destroy Hunger Fast (valued at $9).  

All Together, This PDF is Worth Over $76. 

Get Everything You Need to Transform Your Body with a Simple, Delicious Broth for Just $12 Today.  

  Burn Fat and Transform Your Body for Just $12 Right Now and Save Over $100 on Groceries This Month with my 50-Cent Fat-Blasting Broth! 


"The 3 day cycle actually WORKS! I was ready for my husband's birthday real quick." - Tammy S.

"I do NOT like eating salad or running on a treadmill. That's just not me. But this thing is legit tasty and I'm feeling so much better." Michelle R., Instagram Model

"Look. I know we're supposed to love ourselves. BUt that's hard when you feel fat and old. This stuff made my whole life better. Seriously, thank you!" Robin Thomas, Minnesota

You will receive your download link instantly via email. 

Listen, I know how hard it can be to turn your life on its head and make real, tough changes for the better. And I also know that no one actually wants to be dangerously unhealthy and overweight.

But I also know that turning your life around doesn’t have to be hard. And in fact, it can be easy, cheap, and downright delicious.

The "Microwave Miracle" is the change you’re looking for. I know, because I’ve seen it in action. And unlocking its secrets is as easy as clicking below.  

Just imagine what it’ll feel like to not avoid looking in the mirror anymore… 

To be proud of your body and finally not afraid to show it off… 

To feel better every minute of the day…  

And to never have to worry about health problems tied to your weight… 

You owe this to yourself.  

I have never been happier or healthier than I am today. And I know this amazing recipe will do the same for you

Click below now to get started.  

wife lost 38 pounds easy




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